International Moonvillage Workshop

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The Moon Village Association (MVA) is new non-governmental / non-profit international organization founded to promote international discussion and formulation of plans concerning a “Moon Village”. Through its activities, thean MVA will advance the broad range of benefits for humankind that a Moon Village could establish, such as the utilization of lunar resources for civil space and commercial purposes, the accomplishment of important lunar scientific activities, and supporting progress toward longer term human and robotic space exploration, utilization and commercialization goals.

The MVA and the International Space University (ISU) are organizing this International Moon Village Workshop at the ISU central Campus in Strasbourg, France. This workshop will be international and interdisciplinary in scope and will be focussed around the production of a series of deliverables related to different aspects of the Moon Village to be presented to the International Space Exploration Forum (ISEF) in Tokyo, March 2018 and to UNISPACE+50, in Vienna, June 2018.