The Space Architectural Moon Village Master Workshop at ISU

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The International Space University (ISU) in association with the Engineering and Architectural schools based in Strasbourg hosted 35 students to participate in the Moon Village workshop from 5th to 9th February 2018 at ISU. Danijela Stupar ISU Research Associate and Hameed Mohamed ISU Teaching Associate report back!

“The participants consisted in a panel of students from ENSAS Strasbourg (National School of Architecture), IUT (University of Strasbourg), The Faculty of Physics and Engineering (University of Strasbourg), and ECAM Strasbourg (Arts and Crafts Engineering School).

The main objective of this workshop was to incorporate future engineers and architects together to design a lunar base for the future settlement. One of the tasks was to learn how to apply terrestrial engineering concepts in extreme environments, on the Moon.

The workshop was conducted for a period of five days with an intense schedule covered by lectures from experts, students’ presentations, and practical demonstration on the SHEE (Self Deployable Habitat for Extreme Environments) habitat.  

On the first day, ISU Master of Space Studies (MSS) program director, Prof Chris Welch inaugurated the Master class, followed by lectures given by space architects Prof Ondrej Doule and ISU MSM08 alumnus, from the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), Barbara Imhof an MSS97 alumnae (Liquifier Systems), and Prof Olivier Walter from the architectural school ENSA Paris Val de Seine. The students were split in seven teams with the goal to create a 3D model of lunar base respecting technical requirements such as the size of the habitat and energy sources. During the week, the students were supervised by invited professors, as mentioned above. In addition to them, various distinguished professionals from different engineering schools from Strasbourg joined to supervise students’ work, including Prof Christophe Fond from IUT, Prof Gregoire Chabrol from ECAM, Prof Dominique Knittel from Unistra and Danijela Stupar representing ISU.  

After a successful five-day session, the teams presented their 3-D model concepts to the jury, which included supervisors from ENSAS, IUT, ECAM, UNISTRA, FIT, ENSA PVdS, ISU as well as the guest members Jean Jacques FAVIER (Astronaut) and François CIVET (VR2 Planets).

The top three habitat concepts were nominated and the team named NEJMA (see the poster) was awarded the first prize and gained direct qualification to the Morpheus Cup. Just to remind you! In 2016, ISU master students after Act in Space won Morpheus cup in category:  an exceptional engineering green project. This workshop will be promoted as well on the ARCHES website.

A big thank you is re-iterated to Arch. Dr. Ing. Emmanuel DUFRASNES, ENSA who plays a cruicial role in the collaboration between ISU and ENSA and recent achievements.

The workshop was a success, with promising future collaborations between local and international universities including ISU students.

Publié en Février 2018

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